• Introductory stream of consciousness

    Introductory stream of consciousness

    I’ve never been intimidated by a blank page, probably because I usually open one with a sentence already at my fingertips, an idea I need to get down somewhere before I lose it. Right now, I don’t have an idea. I bought this domain and set up this site on a whim at the end of a long workday, or more accurately a regular-length workday that felt long. I’ve barely written anything since the start of the pandemic. I have another blog at How to Be Creative, but the kind of writing I feel up to doing right now doesn’t seem to fit that venue.

    In the mid- to late aughts I had a personal blog. It was a horribly stressful endeavor; I was ruled by my ego then and therefore obsessed with page views and comments. I spent hours in front of my computer; I posted every day, sometimes multiple times a day, even when I had nothing to say, which was most of the time.

    Still, at least I was creating something on a regular basis. I don’t blame myself for being creatively stagnant the past two and a half years, but I nonetheless regret it. I’m hoping this blog can serve as a space for me to relearn how to write regularly (or maybe at all).